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Creativity, Love, Femininity and Commitment 

"The BeautiFeel brand was born out of these attributes, and wishes to share them with every woman in the world." Ami Bar Nahor, BeautiFeel Founder & CEO

Creativity — 
A vibrant force - has the power to originate, to innovate, to capture and to excite. Only true creativity could have produced a brand as unique as BeautiFeel with its pioneering concept of making elegant and feminine yet highly comfortable shoes for a career-oriented woman. It has been a quarter of century of consequent refining of BeautiFeel as a high quality brand with its own distinctive character and style. You can meet the BeautiFeel women in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Moscow, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto . . . and dozens of other cities worldwide – these women know how to appreciate the creative spirit behind every line, every ornament that adorns the shoe, every texture and color.
Love — 
BeautiFeel is a Product of Love. Ami Bar Nahor, founder and CEO of BeautiFeel, believes that what is born from love will generate more love. Every pair of BeautiFeel shoes receives a special attention, starting with selecting the highest quality and fashionable materials, through the whole process of creation, development and production. BeautiFeel remains a family company, based on intimacy and love.
Femininity — 
BeautiFeel is a concept that compliments femininity. Each pair of BeautiFeel shoes will satisfy a woman's desire to be fashionable and chic in her unique way and still feel comfortable.
Commitment — 
We have been totally committed to your comfort and well-being since the brand was launched in 1989. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of production. By integrating advanced facilities in Israel, using the most innovative Italian equipment together with the most skillful craftsmen in their field, we can supply shoes to women around the world . . . yet, at the same time, each pair of shoes receives our personal and individual attention.

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