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Thanks to Martin Kasperek FIDELIO took its first steps on the 1st of August, 1995. Initially FIDELIO was founded by Martin as a shoe wholesaler.

In 2003, after many successful years, Martin Kasperek made the transition from a wholesaler to a producer as the situation on the market had changed and customer demands had increased. As it turned out, the idea of offering well-fitting sandals and mules with an anatomically formed removable footbed under the brand name of FIDELIO was very successful. In the first year 15,600 pairs were sold. In 2005, a second range, Soft-Line, was introduced to the market. This range was also a great success from the start.

NOTHING IS MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME — By 2006 the time had come to introduce a third range and "Hallux" was born. This innovative range, which incorporates a stretchable insert for customers with hallux valgus (bunions), quickly became a best seller.

IDEAS OVER IDEAS — In 2009 FIDELIO started to produce ladies closed shoes. FIDELIO grew rapidly both at home and abroad.

In 2010 closed shoes with an invisible bunion function were presented.

FIDELIO TODAY — FIDELIO still has 3 product lines: Fidelio, Hallux and Soft-Line.

FIDELIO has achieved worldwide success thanks to its many innovations and excellent service. When it comes to footwear with the bunion function FIDELIO is regarded as the specialist.

FIDELIO IS A BRAND THAT GOES ITS OWN WAY, driven by passion, they create individual character performers and put a sparkle in the eye of both young and old alike. Fidelio's recipe to happiness includes eco-certified, anatomically formed removable footbeds, excellent fit, broken lasts and a multi- width system.

SPARKLING EYES, ENTHUSIASM and HAPPY FEET are what Fidelio is all about. 


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