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Joya was founded in 2006 by Karl Müller and Claudio Minder in Switzerland. Their award-winning, comfort shoe is available in 18 countries worldwide. The Joya technology gives you a comfortable, unique feeling as you walk. The core feature of the "softest shoe in the world" is the soft, supple sole, which supports the natural sequence of movements and promotes active walking. The difference between Joya and other shoes is clear from the very first step. The soft feeling as you walk sets new standards in the comfort shoe sector: the shoe combines modern lines and a comfortable design. Joya has developed various sole technologies to meet different customers' needs. With Joya shoes, walking becomes a true experience. 

Joya, the Swiss feel-good shoe, is based in the picturesque municipality of Roggwil in Bern Switzerland. Behind the idea for Joya are two young, innovative entrepreneurs. Karl Müller comes from a family whose Masai barefoot technology once revolutionised the shoe market. Claudio Minder made a name for himself in the Swiss media as a presenter and media expert. The two have a clear vision: "We want to give our customers a shoe that sets new standards in the comfort sector when it comes to walking sensation and health benefits."

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