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Pikolinos identifies with the Mediterranean lifestyle, incorporating its qualities into the Pikolinos products by adding splashes of color, unique designs consistent with the laid-back nature of the region’s people placing comfort before trend. High-quality craftsmanship combined with their commitment to the environment by exhibiting natural treatments such as chromium-free leathers, vegetable dyes and water-based glues containing no toxic components are some of Pikolinos practices.

Pikolinos was founded in 1984 by Juan Perán, who is still the president of Pikolinos today. In 1989, Pikolinos expanded into the international market, making France their first stop. Their first retail store opened in 2002. In 2007, Pikolinos started the Juan Perán Pikolinos Foundation in order to benefit more than 16,000 families with initiatives in Spain, Peru, Guinea-Bissau and Kenya among others. Juan Perán decided “to give back to society some of what society has given me”. Pikolinos’ commitment has led to the creation of the Maasai Project, a line of ethnically-inspired footwear crafted by women of the Maasai community in Kenya. The project has brought them a number of acknowledgements, the most important being the recognition they have received from more than 1,700 Kenyan families that have already taken part in the project.

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