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About Brooks

Brooks started out in 1914 as a small, family-owned shoe factory in Philadelphia and quickly grew to become a major player in the highly competitive marketplace for athletic footwear. From track spikes, ice skates and bowling shoes to cleats for football, soccer, and baseball, Brooks shoes sported all kinds of innovations that made them popular with professional athletes. Pro football players wore Brooks because of a breakthrough that let the soles bend more naturally with the arch of their feet. Special spikes helped Major League baseball players run faster and more safely. You know that rubber stopper on the front of your roller skates? You can thank Brooks for that.

In the early 1970s, Brooks revolutionized running shoes by pioneering a shock-absorbing foam called EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). It was the first of many innovations that made Brooks an award-winning running brand — first for serious runners and eventually for runners of all strides. In 2001, Brooks did something bold. Something skeptics scoffed as a ridiculous gamble destined to fail. They trained their focus squarely on one thing. The run. Nothing more. Nothing less. With fierce tenacity, Brooks proved the naysayers wrong. Staying true to their roots in innovation, they teamed up with renowned running biomechanics experts to develop industry-leading technologies improving the fit, feel, ride, style and performance of their gear.

Today, every day, in everything Brooks does, they remain as committed as ever to blazing new trails. They champion the run for all—whether you’re training for your tenth marathon or just starting to jog for the first time in your life. The run is the great equalizer, the most inclusive sport the world has ever known. It unites people and creates community. No matter where you start, you end up in a happier place when you finish.